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About Us
Supportdesk is a provider of leading-edge, proactive computer support to small and medium sized businesses within the Sydney Region. Supportdesk currently services businesses from a variety of industries including retail, commercial, health, fitness/leisure, clinical/medical, education, and government.

For more than 5 years now, Supportdesk has been working hard to build a reputation for being a provider of cost effective solutions, and delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Supportdesk team brings over 25 years of combined knowledge, education, and experience in the Information Technology field, along with affiliations and partnerships with many vendors and computer industry leaders.

Our typical customer is a professional business that has a high dependency on email, internet, and a local or wide area network with anywhere from 4 to over 100 computers.

Our clients utilise our Outsourced and Managed Services for the following reasons:
  • Donít want the overhead or cost for full time IT personnel
  • Donít want to risk their network with staff trying to troubleshoot their own IT problems
  • Require reliability and security from their computers, servers and network
  • Realise that 'pro-active' IT support is more time and cost effective than 're-active' IT support
  • Need access to IT project managers and support contractors from time to time
  • Require a trusted technology partner that gives sound and honest advice