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Managed Backup Benefits

Fully Managed Backup

  • Completely managed by Supportdesk staff
  • No user intervention required
  • No user responsibility
  • No need to worry about your backup again

Fully Automated Real-Time Backup

  • No system downtime required
  • Schedule full and incremental imaging
  • Schedule folder and file backups
  • All processes are automated and occur when scheduled

Complete Disk Imaging

  • Sector level backup
  • Multiple partitions
  • Full and incremental images provides for granular restoration points and reduced file size transfer for offsite replication
  • Complete data protection all programs, settings, configuration, system and user data† (Disaster Recovery option)

Fully Automated Offsite Replication

  • Scheduled time periods
  • Occurs automatically without user intervention
  • No downtime required
  • No tapes or other media to transport (Unless required after disaster)

Fast and Easy Recovery

  • Required recovery/restorations done entirely by Supportdesk staff
  • Complete system image restoration (Disaster Recovery option)
  • Bare-metal image restoration (Disaster Recovery option)
  • Minimises downtime

Flexible Configuration and Control

  • Configured remotely
  • Scheduled and unattended backup and file restoration
  • Remote and automated deployment
  • No need for IT support staff visits, minimising consulatation fees
  • No additional hardware or software is required