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Imagine you had an office break-in or even a fire, and you lost your entire financial database and all your client records.
All that data that took many years to gather, gone!

“It could cost you a lot of money,

perhaps even your business.”

Hardware failures, viruses, theft, flooding, fire and even employee tampering have contributed to 80% of Businesses losing important computer data over the last 6 years. Of the ones with no Offsite or Online backup, theft and fire left the businesses with absolutely no means of retrieving their important data... it was gone forever.

What is Offsite Backup?

“Offsite Backups are backups of business files and programs that are stored on media like Tape or CD, and stored in a different location from the business establishment.”

Although this backup means is employed by many companies today, it is often expensive and sometimes unreliable, as the onus of checking backup validity is left to company staff and is sometimes missed or forgotten all together. 

What is Online Backup?

“Online Backups are where business files, programs, or even the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer via a network or internet connection.”

This type of backup is becoming the new standard in data protection and disaster recovery. Our BusinessCARE Managed Backup Service not only provides a daily online copy of your data, it also provides a local daily copy kept on your premises that is totally managed by us. This takes away the burden and responsibility of the backups out of your hands and into the hands of trained IT professionals. You need never worry about your backups again.

How BusinessCARE Managed Backup works:

Why choose the BusinessCARE Managed Backup solution?

Unlike other backup services out there, the BusinessCARE Managed Backup is entirely managed by the Supportdesk Team. Most ‘set and forget’ backup service companies ask you to choose what you would like to be backed up and usually don’t monitor the success of your backups. With the BusinessCARE Managed Backup solution, the Supportdesk Team will sit down with you and plan out not just what you want to be backed up, but also what is ‘needed’ to be backed up. Then once the backups are in full swing, they will monitor them daily and inform you of any failures or any large data volume changes.

Is it Secure?

Before your data is sent to our Data Protection Servers, it is encrypted using a complex algorithm and encryption password that you may specify or have automatically generated. None of your data may be un-encrypted without the use of this encryption password.

How much will this service cost me?

Supportdesk has a very reasonable pricing structure to attract even the smallest of businesses. Prices are charged on a per month basis, based on the amount of data that you store on our servers, regardless of the amount you transfer. And because your data is compressed before it leaves your company, it minimises the amount of data being stored, thus minimising your cost.  For plans and pricing please contact us.

Will this affect my current Internet usage and bill?

Most Internet Service Providers only charge for download data, and because the backup is ‘uploaded’ to our servers, it is not included in your Internet usage.  Some Internet Service Providers do charge for upload data, so it’s best to check with them, or you may ask us to do it on your behalf.

Can I restore a file I deleted several months ago?

The BusinessCARE Managed Backup solution keeps a full month of daily backup files, so you can restore older or deleted files as far back as four weeks. If you have a requirement to keep your backups for a longer period of time, then you can elect to have a longer retention time. Longer retention times will increase the size of your data backup, which in-turn may put you in a higher backup pricing bracket . Discuss this with your Supportdesk representative if you require more information.

Can I restore my entire server in the event of a fire?

If you decide to choose our Disaster Recovery option, then your server’s entire contents may be backed up as a volume using our Complete Disk Imaging process. This may then be restored to your original server or even a new and different server all together. This option takes up more storage thus is more expensive, but saves hours of server re-build time in the event your server was completely lost or damaged beyond repair.

Can I restore my Email or my Databases?

The BusinessCARE Managed Backup software is capabale of backing up Microsoft Exchange email, Lotus Notes email, as well as SQL and even Oracle databases. As the software required for this is quite complex, there is an additional monthly charge for this type of backup. Please discuss this option with your Supportdesk representative if you think you may require this type of backup or need more information.