BusinessCARE Essentials:

Initial Site Survey (27-Point Network Audit):

A senior engineer will come on-site to create initial network documentation, as well as audit your network for potential problem areas including.

·         Network security

·         Data back-ups

·         Virus protection

·         Spam filtering

·         Hardware integrity (check for pending failures)

·         System performance and trends

·         Overall network design and layout

*  Network Monitoring:

This 24/7 network monitoring service will allow us to watch every aspect of your network to detect and report problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues. Some of the items we will monitor include:

·         Server traffic and load

·         Hardware integrity and reliability

·         Storage space and availability

·         Back-up success and failures (via alerts or scheduled monitoring)

·         Anti-virus product monitoring

·         Spyware detection

·         Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring

*  Quarterly Consultation

Every three months we will perform an extensive analysis of your network’s trends, security, and performance, as well as to review your company’s goals and technology issues with you. This quarterly review will allow us to make specific recommendations for improving your network performance, office productivity, and help you plan and budget for future IT needs.

*  Monthly Network Audit and Tune Up:

Every month a technician will conduct a thorough audit and tune up of your network to:

·         Review and update available security patches (Microsoft Products Only)

·         Check status of Anti-Virus Clients

·         Review hard drive space, memory, CPU utilisation

·         Review network documentation and make changes as necessary

·         Review routers, firewalls, and switches for failure or problems

·         Optimise server for maximum performance and reliability

·         Review and install operating system updates (Microsoft Products Only)

·         In-depth review of server logs for errors and potential problems

·         Add and remove users

*  Quarterly Maintenance:

·         Test peripherals, such as UPS(s)

·         Restore a portion of backup data to confirm backup integrity

*  Guaranteed 1-Hour Response to Technical Problems (During Business Hours)

*  A Minimum Total of 2 hours of Remote, Phone, and Onsite Support is included. Total is calculated on 1 hour for the first device, then each extra PC or server above this increases the total included support by 0.5 hours for each extra hardware device that maintenance is purchased for. (3 PC minimum)

*  A Preferred Client Discount of 20% on Standard Technical Support Rates

*  Anti-Virus Software Discount of 20%  For any AVG Anti-Virus or Internet Security software purchased through us.

*  Virus Definition Updates (You must have a valid anti-virus licence with active updates subscription, if not, this is available at an extra charge)

*  Creation of Acceptable Use Policy

*  Monthly Executive Summary Report

*  Unlimited Software Upgrades
(labour only, software purchase fees are extra)

*  Spyware Monitoring and Removal

*  Adding and Removing Users