How to freeze the top row in Excel 2007

Excel 2007 Tips 

Have you ever wanted to be able to always see the table heading of your columns whilst you scroll through your Excel 2007 spreadsheet?

Well you can!

Just follow these simple steps below to “Freeze” the top row of your sheet.

Freeze the top row in Excel 2007

1)Start by clicking on the “View” tab of the ribbon

Excel 2007 View Menu

2) Then locate the “Window” group

Excel 2007 Window Group

3) Click on “Freeze Panes”

Excel 2007 Freeze Panes Menu Item

4) Click on “Freeze Top Row”

Excel 2007 Freeze Top Row Menu Item

To unfreeze the top row, repeat the same process above, but instead of clicking “Freeze Top Row” in step 4), click on “Unfreeze Panes”.